[UNION]The Galactic Union

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[UNION]The Galactic Union

Post by unlackey on Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:18 pm

It all started in the year 2400.
Earth was prospering. The technology evolved substantially. The Earth's resources, though, were at an end. And so, we had to send in fleets, in search of Earth-like planets to populate.
That, did not end pretty well... We have met a lot of aliens on the way, like the Lords and the Ruthnians. We fought both, having tons of casualties on all sides. But nothing was worse than the Mechas. Those were tough alien machines, built by the Ancestors to defend their homes, giving them organic and synthetic resemblances to the Human, but stronger than anything we had ever seen. The Ancestors failed. The Mechas turned against the Ancestors, almost exterminating all of them. Most of them that are still alive now have found shelter on Human, Lord, or Ruthnian conquered planets. In a very short time, the Mechas started ravaging planets, anywhere they'd go. The Humans, Lords and Ruthnians had to ally into the Galactic Union and start a war against the Mechas.
Here we are, in 2546. After 146 years, we haven't yet ended the war. Both sides suffered casualties, but the Mechas seem to be returning after each loss, stronger and more numerous.

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